Nicolette Worth Wagman

Nicolette Worth Wagman was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and began working early on as a child in television and modeling.   First career at Senate of Pennsylvania as a legislative aide, she then retired early, after 13 years as a comptroller/executive secretary for the Legislative Data Processing Center, PA General Assembly, to raise a family.

Nicolette worked as a project manager, proofreader and editor in the pre-press industry for PreMedia Global and the York County Heritage Trust, specializing in local history, Spanish and English math (K-12) and science textbooks, and medical journals for the American Medical Association.

Currently, she is working for a large public school district, with experience in PowerSchool’s eFinancePlus (formerly owned by SunGard and sometimes referred to as Pentamation). Experience in Pentamation, Quickbooks Online, Xero, Booker and ProWorkflow.