“I want to set up a new business”


You have an idea. You have a dream. You probably even have a lawyer, an LLC and an Operating Agreement and now you want to get off on the right foot. It is very commendable that you are here proactively seeking an expert for the accounting of your new venture.

Available Services

For day to day accounting, we can mix with your team in any of these tasks or be the full Accounting Department.

Roles we serve
  • Bookkeeper 
  • Full Charge Bookkeeper
  • A little bit of Office Manager
  • Payroll Manager
  • Grant Manager
  • Investments Manager
  • Controller
  • CFO
Tasks we handle
  • Pay Bills
  • Create and Manage Invoices and A/R
  • Run Payroll 
  • Grant Tracking & Reporting
  • Portfolio Tracking & Reporting
  • Month End Closing Procedures
  • Prepare Financial Statements
  • Budgets, Cash Flow & Other Analysis
results we deliver
  • Consistent team experience
  • Seamless processes
  • Timely, insightful financial information
  • Streamlined audit process
  • Smooth tax return process
  • Reassurance and free time

Relax, your new business is in great hands.

Maybe you won’t be able to run off to a tropical island—but if you wanted to—it’s not your accounting holding you back.